Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stephenie Meyer Wants 'Breaking Dawn' Birth Scene To Be 'Awful'

While Stephenie Meyer's favorite scene in "Eclipse" was very much on par with that of her "Twilight" fans (the "tent scene"), she might stand alone with her favorite scene in "Breaking Dawn," which creeped out a lot of her devoted fans.

When MTV News chatted with the best-selling author at the Los Angeles premiere of "Eclipse" last week, Meyer revealed that she is most excited to see the very descriptive and messy "birth scene" on the big screen.

"I'd love to have the birth scene be every bit as awful — I know it freaked people out, but for those of us who have been through childbirth a couple times, it is a scary, terrifying experience," she said. "This is just taking that to an exponential power, and I love going there."

By Meyer's estimation, another challenging scene for "Dawn" director Bill Condon and company to tackle in their upcoming two films will be the infamous and also fairly controversial/creepy werewolf imprinting. "The imprinting thing, how do you have that come across?" Meyer wondered about Jacob's relationship with Bella and Edward's baby, Renesmee. "How do you make it clear what's going on inside someone that way? It's a challenge. I think Bill might be up to it, though. He's really smart and on top of it."

Meyer wouldn't reveal what she and Condon have discussed for each film specifically, of course, only that she is very happy with his work thus far. "I love his ideas so far," she said. "He's had some good ones."

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