Saturday, March 26, 2011

Robert Pattinson Giving Breaking Dawn Movie Spoilers!

Robert Pattinson is talking ‘Elephants,’ but can’t seem to escape questions about the upcoming release of ‘Breaking Dawn.’ He even threw out a few spoilers while speaking to the press this week.

Just when the Twilight fervor has seemingly screeched to a halt, the real life Edward comes to the rescue. For fans of the series there are so many distractions, and so many other teenage heart throbs to obsess over (paging Justin Bieber)—and for a time, it felt like ‘the saga’ was losing steam.

Perhaps in a clever move, we’re being treated to a few spoilers fresh off the set of the final two films—just in time to keep our attention.

While R-Patz has been on the road promoting his latest flick ‘Water For Elephants,’ he has found himself spending just about equal time discussing the epic two-part finale. Such was the case in a few recent interviews where the questions eventually began to meander their way back to Twilight.

This week, we learned a few interesting tid-bits about what we can expect. For starters, he insists that the plot of the final installment is ‘outside the box’ and ‘really different’ from what we’ve seen before. As for what that means, he seemed to imply that it is far more risqué than the first three, and even joked that it is hard to believe it will be rated PG-13.

Even more exciting is word that Kristen Stewart will turn into a bad mamma jamma of a vampire. Rob described her as ‘the most convincing’ of all of the Cullens. He also joked about the many hours she has spent wearing a ‘pregnant suit.’

For fans, the change in Bella will undoubtedly be a relief. I’ve heard lots of die hards talk about how frustratingly helpless her character seems. It should be nice to see a Bella that can stand on her own two feet without swooning over a studly Jacob, or a sulking Edward.

I’m looking forward to seeing a different side of Robert Pattinson in ‘Elephants,’ but just like the rest of us, I need my vampire fix.