Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Dont Think You Wanna Know This Breaking Dawn Movie Ending Spoilers!

SPOILER ALERT: We have just over 11 months to wait before we can see Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 1), but the spoilers are already starting to leak on to fansites.


One Robert Pattinson fansite has published what is believed to be a leaked ending from the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 1) script.

According to, someone who has read the script claims the film will end with Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene's character) having a very violent vision of a Volturi battle and then sharing it with Aro (Michael Sheen's character).

They said: "Alice touches that head [Volturi] guy [Aro]…when she touches the [Volturi] guy he “sees” what will happen if he continues his course…OK so the first person whose head comes off is Carlisle. In the vision.

"Then everything goes to s*** and all kinds of dying happens. And Bella and Edward kill Aro…After Bella and Edward they die too…all these other people die too. Jane and her brother. Lots of deaths on both sides. Then [Volturi] guy snaps out of it, says he’s sorry. Everybody makes up and lives happily ever after."

Err, we're not sure about that ending - and we certainly don't remember that happening in the book.

We're also not sure if this is allegedly the ending to Part 1 or Part 2, but either way, this is all very confusing.

Regardless of whether these 'spoilers' are true, the one thing we do know is that we wish we had spent Christmas at Bella Swan's house.

Breaking Dawn bosses released this picture of Bella's house as a Christmas present to fans - and doesn't it look so cosy?