Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let's get to know each other, Miss Bree Tanner.

Are you one of those persons who have not read Stephenie Meyer’s “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella” but you want to learn more about Bree Tanner? Bree Tanner is one of the short lived character in Eclipse but even though its short, she still plays a very important role. Here is a short introduction about Bree Tanner, one of the newborn vampires.

Jodelle Ferland is the one who plays the character Bree Tanner. Jodelle Ferland is a not a stranger when it comes to the supernatural film scene. Jodelle Ferland was also the one who played the little girl in the movie Silent Hill. Jodelle, 15 years old, has received Stephanie Meyer’s approval “It’s going to be great to see [Jodelle] as the character. She brings such a vulnerability, and she really understands the backstory for Bree that’s not actually in ‘Eclipse.’ She gets the vulnerability.”

Jodelle described Bree as a part of the newborn vampires. She said that Bree is on the bad side but she doesn’t want to be, she was just forced to be and doesn’t understand it. “It’s sad because even though she’s on the bad side, she’s a victim. She wants to be good, but no one gives her a chance.” Jodelle added.