Saturday, April 17, 2010

Taylor Lautner And Ashley Greene After Breaking Dawn.


Before Twilight: I don’t think it’s up to debate, but no one has benefited more from the Twilight series than Mr. Lautner. His character was barely an afterthought in the first film and rumor had it that he wasn’t even going to be invited back for the second. But he put on some muscle and convinced everyone to let him back in. But without that sequence of events, I can’t imagine Lautner would have been able to break into Hollywood. Although, people tend to forget that he was Sharkboy in Robert Rodriguez’s SHARKBOY AND LAVA GIRL.

After Twilight: More than any other Twilight alum, Lautner has lined up the projects at a lightning fast pace. STRETCH ARMSTRONG, CANCUN, ABDUCTION and the on again/off again MAX STEELE are just a few of his upcoming projects. The best part about what he’s doing is that they seem to be a variety of roles, thus giving him a chance to prove he’s more than just a shy werewolf. Oh, and he had a decent turn in VALENTINE’S DAY, although it was rough because of how bad Taylor Swift was.

Prediction: It’s really too early to tell because we need him to do a big project that will give him a chance to shine. He’s the bright spot in the Twilight series, but that’s not saying much. Based solely off the numerous projects he has lined up, I give Taylor a 60% chance of being relevant after TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN part 2. That may seem low, but I will say that he has the best chance of being a huge star, it’s just too early to say since he hasn’t done anything yet.


Before Twilight: Well, this is short because she didn’t really do anything before her turn in TWILIGHT. She had a bit part in an episode of ‘Crossing Jordan’ and then an even smaller part in the Michael Douglas film KING OF CALIFORNIA. But other than that, nothing.

After Twilight: I guess when Sobe Water comes calling, you don’t ignore them. Ashley Greene made headlines and turned some heads when she signed on to be the official Sobe Water model. Her ads were on for weeks. If you look closely (and I know you will), you can see that she’s not wearing a swimsuit in the ads, but rather that’s body paint. As for movies, she did the horror film SUMMER’S BLOOD, which is better than nothing…I guess.

Prediction: There’s always room for beautiful women in Hollywood, but the question remains as to what she’s going to do with it. Other alumni have lined up projects, but Greene hasn’t done much more than advertise water. I think her best chance to “make it” is to do television. I can see her as the quirky hot girl in a sitcom. Unfortunately for her, I give her a 20% chance of being relevant in movies after TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN.