Sunday, December 6, 2009

Who do you think among these 5 directors could tackle Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn?

'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' has hit theaters, 'Eclipse' has wrapped filming and production on the final chapter,'Breaking Dawn,' has been very quiet. One might think now would be an ideal opportunity for 'Twilight' fans to take a little rest, right? Wrong.

Now that we're clear of all the 'New Moon' opening mayhem and publicity tours and since there's no Vancouver set to visit, fans are left with enough time to ponder whose name should be printed on the back of the director's chair (orchairs, if 'Breaking Dawn' is broken into two movies, as has been the rumor) ifChris Weitz is either unable, unwilling -- or unasked -- to return.

Considering the massive box office success (and the fans' overwhelming approval) of 'New Moon,' the lucky director who bags 'Breaking Dawn' will have some big shoes to fill, and should be ready to face the challenges behind this final chapter. It's clear Summit Entertainment needs to secure someone who isn't a stranger to the world of makeup and special effects -- and to the undying love between a teen girl and a vampire -- so who will be the perfect fit?

Read on for our list of five directors we think could tackle 'Breaking Dawn.'

Tim Burton: Burton has a known fondness for Gothic love tales (see: 'Corpse Bride,' 'Beetlejuice' and 'Sweeney Todd'), and his imagination expands far beyond most minds. Even 'Twilight' cast members Jamie Campbell Bower and Ashley Greene are crossing their fingers in the hopes that he'll sign onto the project. Maybe they're hoping he'll bring along his male muse, Johnny Depp.

Catherine Hardwicke: She brought the first movie to life and set the stage for other directors, so it might seem fitting and nice that she tie it all together in the end and reunite with the original cast as the curtain closes. However, her lack of experience in special effects -- and the general sense that the first 'Twilight' film didn't meet expectations -- makes her a long shot.

Peter Jackson: Best known for bringing 'The Lord of the Rings' novels to life on the big screen, he is a master behind the lens. His ability to turn a simple conversation between characters into a highly detailed scene could take 'Breaking Dawn' to the next level. Jackson's background in the fantasy genre would be a perfect fit for the Bella transformation plot of the final novel. Just imagine the power of 'Twilight' and 'LOTR' fans united.

Quentin Tarantino: His signature style mixes gore with humor, captivating the minds of audiences all over the world. His quirky take and sarcastic edge would be a great asset in bringing out Jacob's snarky behavior in the final book. Tarantino is one of the more off-the-wall directors, but perhaps that's what 'Breaking Dawn' needs. It might not hurt to have his input on the screenwriting process as well. But could he put out a PG-rated film? Umm ... we'll get back to you on that one.

Len Wiseman: He's certainly no stranger to the vampire vs. werewolf story line (the 'Underworld' films), and his affinity for the comic-book world could come in handy. He may have to tone down his darker side for the 'Twilight Saga' tween audience, but he's directed 'New Moon' star Michael Sheen before (and lived through his own romantic triangle, with Sheen and now wife Kate Beckinsale -- guess that makes him Team Edward).

There's no shortage of talented directors for Summit to choose from -- who do you think would be the best fit?